HVAC Repair: What You Should Know

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If your system needs HVAC repair, there are a few common signs you should be aware of. Although an average homeowner does not need to be an HVAC repair specialist (that’s our job!), knowing what your HVAC repair will involve is helpful.

HVAC Repair: What You Should Know

Some of the most common HVAC repairs are listed below:

  • Thermostat problems: Miscommunication between your thermostat and your unit can lead to irregular temperatures in your home. The simplest fix for this HVAC repair is to replace the thermostat’s batteries, although the problem could be much more complicated. For example, your thermostat could need a new sensor, or your unit may need a completely new thermostat. These types of HVAC repairs are best left to the professionals.
  • Refrigerant leaks: If your air is supposed to be cold but is blowing out warm, chances are you may have a refrigerant leak. This HVAC repair should be handled immediately, as a lack of refrigerant can strain an overworked unit, causing extra wear and tear.
  • Airflow problems: Clogged ductwork or a dirty filter can lead to airflow issues, making it difficult for your HVAC unit to deliver the proper temperatures throughout your home. Regular HVAC maintenance can keep your ducts free and your filters clean, allowing your unit to work to its full potential.

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