I just wanted to express how happy and pleased my mother and I are with the service we received from you all. You all were the second company we called, but will now will be the first in the future. The first company was only interested in selling us a brand-new system and said the location of the leak made it almost impossible to service or would cost over $1,500 to fix, and since our unit was going on 8 years old, we should be looking at installing a brand-new unit. I was so relieved after contacting you all. I can’t say enough good things about your technicians who did our repair work, and I guarantee when we do end up putting a new system, you all will be the first company we call. Thank you for the really, really great non-aggressive and honest service.

-Michael M.

Very good experience working with Travis and his team. They were extremely thorough in their evaluation of my current A/C system and what would be required to replace it with the appropriate-sized unit and ductwork. Prompt quotes, prompt scheduling, and quality installation.

-Stuart T.

My drain pan was clogged, causing the A/C to shut off. The tech was at our house within 3 hours of calling Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning. Very professional and knowledgeable.

-Sue H.

Travis was very friendly, very professional, and very knowledgeable. I signed up with their maintenance program. Highly recommend!

-Sebastian F.

Ahhhh, restful sleep at 72 degrees under the blankie… so much better than sweaty, fitful sleep on top of the bed with fans howling all night! Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning is your go to. The owner, Travis, Jason, and the whole crew are the ones you want to call when the need arises. They go above and beyond to get things back to normal. Even on a late evening call like ours, Travis came through fixing our compressor by flashlight and getting our A/C unit back to normal.

-Randy M.

Fast and efficient repair at reasonable price. They came out the same day I called for repair. They explained thoroughly what the problem was and the time needed to repair. Travis (owner) was very professional and personable. Have recommended to my neighbors. They are thrilled we finally have fast, efficient and knowledgeable A/C  repair we can rely on and trust. I cannot say enough to do them justice. If I could rate 10 stars, I would.

-Sue H.

My husband Milton and I were completely satisfied by the service provided by Travis, Danny, Herschel and Nick. Herschel and Nick installed a new air conditioner and handler, created a new vent, and did the job professionally and efficiently. Danny came to inspect the job and helped us understand the new thermostat. Travis also did a final inspection, after having initially explained the entire process. We engaged Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning because of Travis’ honest manner and his knowledge about his product, Trane. We knew the job was excellent, but that only got confirmed when our apartment manager went up to the roof. He said he had never seen a neater job! They know what they are doing!

-Sharon L.

They were awesome!! My AC has never been so clean and worked so well!! Plus they showed me how to clean my own system better.

-Daniel P.

Prompt & honest. Great work & we haven’t had any problems. They put in a new A/C unit & handler & all new ductwork. Very happy. Definitely would recommend.

-Kym S.

My adventure started with calling the cheapest guy I could find to install my new heat and air system. I verified that he was licensed and insured and told him to pull a permit. It turns out the permit was fake and license and insurance were fake as well. Long story short, code enforcement was tipped off by my neighbor, and I got a nice letter saying the whole job had to be redone and properly done by a REAL company, as it is a rental property. Enter tons of phone calls desperate to get someone who could get the job done right and super-fast! The owner and his kids who work for him at Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning literally did everything possible, worked with code enforcement, pulled permits instantaneously, had four guys total working before and after their other scheduled jobs, etc. without even knowing me. I cannot express how appreciative I really am to this company. No other company would even take the job for less than triple the price! Yes, code enforcement was that bad by the time I received the letter as I was traveling in Costa Rica at the time. I would never use anyone else for any of my properties, nor recommend anyone else to any of my clients, friends, or local family! Excellent & honest family company! They may not be the absolute cheapest, but I can assure you they get the job done quickly and correct!

-Travis K.

Reliant is the best AC company around! I will always do business with and recommend them. Travis and his team are amazing!

-Cheyann W.

Travis really impressed me with his professionalism and affordability. I highly recommend his service. Thank you very much!

-Shawna B.

Excellent service. Travis was quick to respond to my problems with two different units. He knows his stuff. Highly recommend!

-Robert S.

Great AC company with outstanding customer service and can get the job done. Definitely recommend them, especially with this hot summer we have coming up.

- Brett B.

I certainly have no doubt about the superior quality of your team! Amazing company. I definitely recommend it.

-Pamela V.

Travis, and his team at Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning are professional, honorable, all-around good people. I highly recommend.

-Margherita G.

I can’t say enough about Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning. I would give 10 stars if possible!

-Michelle M.

Excellent service! From the initial phone call (very courteous and friendly), service within 4 hours of the call, great employee (Danny I believe) and thorough service. I was very pleased with this vendor and will most definitely use again.

-Melinda H.

Definitely a company you can trust. I have used and I have recommended this company to my neighbors who have been more than satisfied with the services provided by the team. Today, a very professional team came in and did a great job maintaining my twenty-year-old Trane AC and my mini split. They worked quickly and efficiently. I’m very pleased. I’ve been given a heads up that my air handler is going to need some love in the future as rust is eating away at it, but as of right now, we are still working. I’ll be calling Travis and his team in the future when I need him. Give them a try!!!

-Annette M.

Brian and Cliff were the service professionals. They took the time to explain each and every step they were taking to service my A/C unit. After finding a problem, they explained to me exactly what caused the problem and what it would take to fix it and explained the total cost up front. It’s good to know exactly what the problem is and of course the price upfront. I was really impressed with these two young men. This emphasizes the professional company they are working with. I think they weren’t expecting to be here as long as they were, but as they told me, they weren’t leaving until they got everything fixed and working properly. I also took advantage of the great VIP special they have, which I know saved me a lot of money, and I have another maintenance call coming at NO cost. I’m very happy with this company, and especially the two young man who came out, Brian and Cliff, and don’t let me forget the young lady who started this ball rolling, Annette. Thank you, guys. I appreciate what you’ve done for me, and Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning will be the only company I will use in the future.

-Ron H.

As a new homeowner, it is always a scary proposition to get the major systems in your home repaired. I called Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning, and not only did they get my AC to drop the temperature in my house from 83 to 74 in a very short amount of time, but they did it at a very reasonable price. They thoroughly checked my AC system and found that it was only in need of coolant. For a small amount more, I opted to have them give me an annual AC check program with a twice-a-year check. I would definitely recommend them as being honest and reasonably priced. Oh yes, and the office staff is super nice!

-Jenny K.

I referred Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning to a highly valued customer of mine. Anytime I make a referral to someone who pays my bills, I put my reputation at risk. I can say, however, that Reliant Heating and Air was a good risk to take! I looked very good in the eyes of my customer — Reliant did great work, dealt very fairly and transparently with my customer, and saved them a lot of money over another A/C company. Thank you, Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning! You guys are top-notch.

-Craig F.

Travis, you really got this company going. Had you here over a year ago when you first started. Here in Madeira Beach, you replaced my ductwork. Good price, but more than that, on time and pro workers. Most important, just called as unit blowing hot air. 92 day and 89 pm. I called, and they said Jason would be here 1 to 2 pm. He came at 12:50pm. He checked the unit out and got it going. He said there may be a problem with a leak, but now I know what to look for. He is a pro! Anyone reading this, this company is no BS! I am 67 and had many bad deals with other work. Look at no one else if needing any work from Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning. Travis and the crew are 100% on it!!!!


I’m a repeat customer of Travis. He helped me several times (regular AC maintenance and air duct work). Both he and his team, especially Helen, were very professional, responsive and worked with me as best as they can. I would highly recommend Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning, and I would use them again.

-Rochela P.

Great company, great people to work with! Travis amazes me with the knowledge he has. I’m glad we have his company on a maintenance plan because it doesn’t make sense to run your car until it stops on the side of the road, so why treat your A/C that way?

-Jerry K.

Travis and his whole crew have been excellent in every way possible. Super kind and friendly, reliable on timing and extremely reasonable pricewise. The need for his service at times can be priceless, but he certainly makes it pleasurable.

-Lee O.

Travis, the owner, goes above and beyond. He will show up the same day, sometimes within an hour, and get the job done for a very, very fair price. He also went to war with the manufacturer for them to honor a warranty. I will never use another AC service company.

-Michael N.

Reliant is my go-to HVAC company for all of my rental properties and the only company I refer to my real estate clients. Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning also services my commercial refrigerators. If you want fast, reliable service, give them a call!

-Doug M.

Professional, caring, diligent, prompt & reliable! Travis, Jason, and Michelle oversee an A+ team with competitive prices.

-Martha M.

This company is amazing. I own a home health agency, and every time one of my clients’ AC broke, he was always there within the hour, making sure the elderly did not have to go without air conditioning. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company.

-Donna B.

Excellent service, reasonable cost, and courteous people. They took the time to explain options and processes, arrived on time, and left a clean worksite. They followed up after installation to check on satisfaction, and the county inspector said the job was done perfectly as well. Very happy customer here. I would highly recommend!

-Becky C.

Excellent service and work. Glad I hired them. Nice people and honest. The ductwork was done well, and they even protected my floors when the old ducts were removed.

-Nicholas K.

Joe and Rob were absolutely wonderful! They came out for our install and kept us informed along the way. Our install took two days since we had two units installed, and the guys were very professional and friendly the entire time, even when they had to crawl through our attic in the middle of August. The guys stayed late to get the job done in the two days allotted. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking.

-Amanda L.

Keith Wind, the company owner, showed up at 8:00 am and began removing the old compressor. His crew came a little later with all of the pieces for the air handler. The whole job was finished by 1:30. Their cleanliness and professionalism were outstanding.

-John L.

We can’t say enough great things about this company!!! From the ease of scheduling a quote to products and services to installation, professionalism and communication were outstanding and the best price out of 5 quotes. I purchased their VIP plan as well for service on both our systems. Would definitely highly recommend!!!! Thank you, Travis, Annette, Janelle, Berg and team!

-Molly L.

I had Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning install a new air handler. The install went pretty much without any problems. The installation crew was respectful and took great care. I would recommend them for your next air conditioning needs. I recently used Reliant to fix a problem with my older outside compressor. Mike came out and immediately knew what the issue was. The compressor was repaired and is now working. Mike provided me the information I needed to understand what the problem was and future A/C needs. The older compressor worked hard last summer, and it is time for a new outside unit.

-Jerry W.

After getting many quotes on a new A/C unit, Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning had the best price for the SEER rating that I wanted to install, and it was made in the USA. Great communication before the unit was installed and during the install. They hauled away my 34-year-old unit and cleaned up. Highly recommended.

-Brian M.

We recently moved into a home where the heating/AC unit had not been serviced for some time. We initially chose Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning based on their positive reviews and hoped they would live up to the hype. I am here to say they do! They were a pleasure to deal with from beginning to end. On time, professional and extremely knowledgeable. After their first visit, our 7-year-old unit was running better than new and saving us money in energy costs. Several months later, our fan motor went kaput. It happens. Unfortunately, it happened at the peak of heat in Florida on a Friday! The fine folks at Reliant were unbelievably understanding of our situation. It was 86 degrees inside our house. Fans only pushed the hot air around. They rearranged schedules, moved technicians and more in order to make sure we did not suffer the weekend in the almost unbearable heat. Thank you to the whole bunch at Reliant for cooling us down when we needed it most! Special thanks to our tech, Matt, who made his way here to get it done!

-Sascha B.

When one of my systems went out, I called Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning. Their staff was extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction. They have excellent customer service, and I highly recommend Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning!

-Michael B.

Travis is no nonsense. He will let you know what you need with no BS. He and Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning have an awesome warranty plan that helps keep you covered especially in the hot Florida summer heat. I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs HVAC work (commercial and residential).

-Ben A.

The installers were very polite and professional. They were also very prompt and showed up at the agreed-upon time. We had a minor issue at the beginning of use, and when we reported it to Travis, he was at our place within 1.5 hours on a Friday night and quickly fixed it. It has worked great since, and so far, we are very pleased with our choice.

-Paul E.

I originally was referred by a friend to this company and I have to say hands down I was not disappointed! I originally spoke with Travis, who was professional and kind. The service tech, Hershel, was prompt. He gave me a call 20 minutes before he arrived and was 10 minutes earlier than expected. The problem was fixed in under 30 minutes. He even went the extra mile to let us know what happened to cause the issue. The price was fair, and my AC is back on. Very honest company. I will do my business with them in the future.

-Molly B.

I’m very pleased with the service that I received today from Mark! Reliant showed up on time, very professional, great value. I will definitely use their services again for all my A/C needs!

-William A.

I cannot say enough good things about this business. I had a new AC unit installed. They were very responsive and work was quality. The office was very responsive and available for questions. Service like this is rare, and I highly recommend this local business!

-Tammy M.

Absolutely amazing! 5 stars doesn’t do them justice. Michelle, Travis, & the rest of the team were perfect from start to finish. So happy to have found them and couldn’t be any happier with the outcome!!

-Stephanie S.

Very professional staff — great communication all the way through. Always a great experience with affordable services.

-Mike K.

They do a great job. I have several properties and use them for all of them. They are very professional and efficient. They show up when they say they will be there and get it done in a timely fashion.

-Doug M.

Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning did a great job on my AC when it needed replacing. Great products, knowledgeable expertise and the price was right. I would highly recommend.

-Edward G.

Trustworthy, honest and very hardworking. They left my home clean. Easy to get ahold of. Use high-quality products. I would definitely recommend.

-Karen N.

I interviewed 5 other reputable businesses, Travis answered all my questions. He also informed me of a few things no one else mentioned. When you are looking for a contractor and you don’t know anything about the process, Travis with Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning is the way to go. Competitive and reasonable cost, trustworthy and competent. I will be using him in the near future to update my ductwork and add vents with ducts in my room.

-Karen B.

They were professional, reliable and quick to respond. They are definitely on the top of my list to call again in the future.

-Josh B.

They are excellent. They go the extra mile. They have proven themselves and are very responsive!