Chillers, Clearwater, FL

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When your car gets too hot, you turn on the air conditioning to cool things down, something that doesn’t typically require too long to get your car at a comfortable temperature. You do the same thing with your house when it gets too warm for your liking, but it takes a little longer to cool down a house as opposed to a car simply because it’s a larger space. The same principle applies to cooling down a commercial space. Because of their size, commercial spaces require larger and more complex air conditioning systems to cool them down, with one option for these systems being chillers.

Chillers Units in Clearwater, Florida

Chillers are similar to air conditioning units in that they serve a purpose of cooling down the space that they occupy. However, they work a little differently. For example, chillers create cold water while they function, a product that is used during the process of cooling down your commercial building.

The main difference between chillers and traditional air conditioning units is the size difference between the two. It can be kind of confusing to understand the other differences without the necessary background and experience, but here at Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning, we are well-versed in working with both chillers and traditional air conditioning units, so we can help you out regardless of what your space uses.

Does your Clearwater, Florida commercial space need help cooling down to a comfortable temperature? Do you have specialized equipment that needs to be a certain temperature to function properly? Come talk to us today to learn about how chillers can benefit your commercial space.

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