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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it got us thinking about love. 

Because, when you think about it, love is a bit like a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. Sometimes it blows hot and cold, and it doesn’t always run smoothly.

And like love, an HVAC needs a little TLC. 

That’s why we are excited to share a Valentine’s Day gift suggestion that will guarantee a smile. This Valentine’s Day, doesn’t your love deserve the VIP treatment for their HVAC? Or maybe you’d like to treat yourself.

With Reliant’s VIP Maintenance package, your HVAC will be well and truly pampered. The package includes the following privileges:

  • 2 maintenance/safety inspections per year
  • 24-hour response time
  • Priority service
  • Fully transferable
  • Up to 56 PT tune-up
  • Extend equipment life
  • You’ll never get a premium charge
  • Up to 25% discount on repairs
  • Maximise energy efficiency
  • Written maintenance report
  • Multi-year / unit discount
  • Extended warranty on repairs
  • Up to 10% discount on new equipment purchases
  • Periodic specials and promotions
  • 100% customer satisfaction

At just $169* (a $30 savings just for you), we are offering great value and great peace of mind. Can flowers and candy say the same?

Our promise

Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to make promises, so here we go. We promise to complete inspection and maintenance for the agreed period, with the maintenance service to include two inspections per year, at around 6 months apart. 

We also promise quality and an excellent example of this is the drain pan tablets that we use, a solution to prevent odors and water overflow damage. When compared to the other HVAC contractors, our products are of the highest quality.

Valentine’s Day is a great day to give gifts – sometimes to yourself! The gift of VIP membership is something that any homeowner would appreciate, and unlike other Valentine’s Day gifts, it lasts all year.

Remember, to maintain a warranty, a service needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. So, give your HVAC some love this Valentine’s Day.

As a full-service HVAC company, we LOVE To Serve You

At Reliant Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of having an HVAC system that you can truly rely on, keeping you cool in the Florida summers and cozy in the Florida winter evenings. That’s why we put so much emphasis on quality.

Now, we couldn’t do it without the massive skills of our reliable, expert technicians who are a big part of what we do. Finally, it’s the customers who have supported us for many years now who also hold a place in our hearts.

Thanks to all of you, not just for your support, but for referring your friends and neighbors over the years.

We were so thrilled to hear from these happy customers who decided to sign up for the VIP Maintenance Package and haven’t looked back since. 

“I also took advantage of the great VIP special they have, which I know saved me a lot of money, and I have another maintenance call coming at NO cost. I’m very happy with this company, and especially the two young men who came out, Brian and Cliff, and don’t let me forget the young lady who started this ball rolling, Annette. Thank you, guys. I appreciate what you’ve done for me, and Reliant Heating and Air Conditioning will be the only company I will use in the future.” – Ron H.

“We can’t say enough great things about this company!!! From the ease of scheduling a quote to products and services to installation, professionalism, and communication were outstanding and the best price out of 5 quotes. I purchased their VIP plan as well for service on both our systems. Would definitely highly recommend it!!!! Thank you, Travis, Annette, Janelle, Berg, and team!” – Molly L.

So, when you’re ready to give your HVAC the love and maintenance it deserves, reach out to us. 

*Offer only valid through 3/14/2024